Cyber Safety: How to safely recycle your digital devices

What do you do with digital devices when you’re finished with them? Learn how to safely recycle your devices!

These days, it’s not uncommon to buy multiple devices in a single year. In fact, sometimes it feels like as soon as we purchase a device it’s out of date.

Cell phones are a prime example. Every year there is a new “big release” of an updated cell phone, rendering yours obsolete. When your carrier’s two-year contract comes up for renewal, you often have the option of purchasing a shiny new device.

This same churn exists for iPads, computers, Kindles, and most other electronics. But what happens to your old devices when you upgrade? Do you throw them in the trash? Leave them in a drawer to gather dust?

There’s a better option.

You can easily recycle cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. In fact, this is far safer than simply throwing your device out. It’s unsafe to throw most electronic devices in the trash because of the lead and chemicals that they release into the environment.

Luckily, recycling devices is easier now than ever. Here are some easy and safe options for disposing of your devices:

Kiosks and Grocery Stores

This may be one of the easiest ways to recycle your device, as many grocery stores and other large stores have kiosks designed for recycling devices and giving you cash back. The amount varies depending on the device and its age, but expect at least a few dollars. Check your local store for options near you.

Electronics Stores and Manufacturers

If your grocery store doesn’t have a kiosk, head to your nearest electronics store. Many of these offer in-store kiosks where you can bring your devices once you’re finished with them. You’re able to rest assured that your devices are recycled safely. You may not get cash back, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

Many manufacturers also have recycling programs, both in-store and online. This allows them to recycle their own (and sometimes other) products, often refurbishing them for resale. Call or visit the website of your device manufacturer to learn how to recycle your device.

Cell phone providers

Most well known cell-phone carriers have exchange programs where you can trade in your old phone or device for credit towards your next device. Some providers will even do this if your device wasn’t originally purchased from them. Once you trade in the device the carrier will appropriately recycle or refurbish your old device.

Goodwill or Local Donation Organization

Want to make sure your device finds a well-loved new home? Head to your local Goodwill or charity of choice. You’ll receive a tax write-off for your donation, as well as the knowledge that you’re supporting a charity you love.

Not sure which charity to head to? Try your local library. Many libraries will take your cell phone, cell phone battery, or other devices.

When it comes to recycling devices, there’s no lack of options…
Any of the above organizations provides a viable method of recycling your device. With so many options, there’s no need to drop your old device in the trash. Instead, take care to consider the environment and the potential for others to benefit from your used device.

We’d love to hear more in the comments. Do you make a habit of recycling your devices? What do you do with them when you upgrade?

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