When a child struggles in school most  parents take the path they know best.    

But finding the right path is never easy.   

It takes ton of research and lots of time that parents LIKE YOU don’t have.

It’s Overwhelming! Schools have drastically changed.  

Preschoolers are taking high-stakes gifted tests.  Technology has transformed classrooms and textbooks.
Math homework looks a little weird. New standards require students to learn more… FASTER

No matter the subject, good thinking and problem-solving skills are needed to achieve higher test scores, better grades and to reach full academic potential. But many parents are not equipped  with the right tools and strategies. I’m here to help.

Parents of kids already in preschool and elementary school will learn strategies and choices they can make to set their kids up for success without stress.

Let’s get Started

Select a quiz below.

Take the  time to uncover how your child’s mind works when it receives new information. Does your child have a literary mind, an active mind, an analytical mind, or a creative mind? Take the quiz to see where your child falls.

Would your child be most comfortable in a gifted program, or a classical (achievement based) program? This quiz is by no means diagnostic, and is meant as a starting point, to help you understand your child’s current strengths and think about which program would most benefit them. Take the following quiz to help you determine the best fit for your child. 

How prepared is your child for an accelerated or gifted program? If you’re unsure, use the following quiz as a guide.Take the quiz to help you determine what is the right program for your child. This quiz is not diagnostic in nature, but will give you a good starting point. 

It’s incredible how quickly smartphones have become part of today’s classrooms. Of course, this presents potential cybersecurity threats, especially when it comes to having your child use a smartphone. Use the quick quiz above to determine whether your child is smartphone savvy or not.