Growth Mindset: 3 Spectacular Mistakes That Will Help Your Child Study Better

Actions some parents and teachers view as mistakes may actually be learning experiences that can help children learn and improve grades and test scores.

Did you know that making mistakes is great for young learners? This may fly in the face of what you remember from your own days in the classroom, but mistakes are actually helpful to the learning process. Students don’t learn without stretching themselves, and that means they will struggle. But what can be a frustrating error on the surface can be turned into a teachable moment.

Here are three so-called “mistakes” that are, in reality, spectacular opportunities to improve the learning process. All three of these can help students improve their visual analysis and study skills. Continue reading “Growth Mindset: 3 Spectacular Mistakes That Will Help Your Child Study Better”

Demystifying Math: What Teachers Need Parents to Know

Math has changed since we parents were in school. Here are a few things teachers wish parents knew about today’s math curriculum and instruction.

Long gone are the days of rote memorization and learning in quiet rows.

Today’s math classrooms are much more dynamic and focus more on critical thinking and problem-solving skills than fact tables and timed tests. As teachers accommodate new teaching techniques it’s important for them to have the support of parents.

Here are some strategies teachers would love to see parents employ around math at home: Continue reading “Demystifying Math: What Teachers Need Parents to Know”