The 7 Bad Habits of Extraordinary Parents

The 7 Bad Habits of Extraordinary Parent

You strive to guide your child and give them all the tools they need to be successful in life. You work hard to keep lines of communication open between teachers and caregivers and to be your child’s biggest cheerleader. You’re a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and a push out the door when needed.

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Is your child struggling with math?

Even Numbers Have Words!Is your child struggling with math? Work on their language skills.

Tom has five apples and Sayid gives him two more. Later that day, Tom’s sister Jenny eats three of his apples. How many apples does Tom have left?

Do you have your answer? If you said four, you’re correct.

Now, what if I asked you to explain how you were able to solve the word problem above? It goes beyond simply knowing how to add and subtract – after all, the words “add” and “subtract” never appear.

To figure out how many apples Tom has, you need to call on a specific skill.

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