Tips for Surviving AP Exams

Each May, Advanced Placement (AP) exams are taken by students all over the world. These standardized exams are designed to measure how well students have mastered the content and skills taught through the course. A qualifying score could potentially earn the student college credit, testing them out of the corresponding college-level course.

But what, exactly, are Advanced Placement exams, and how can you best prepare for them? Continue reading “Tips for Surviving AP Exams”

Is your child struggling with math?

Even Numbers Have Words!Is your child struggling with math? Work on their language skills.

Tom has five apples and Sayid gives him two more. Later that day, Tom’s sister Jenny eats three of his apples. How many apples does Tom have left?

Do you have your answer? If you said four, you’re correct.

Now, what if I asked you to explain how you were able to solve the word problem above? It goes beyond simply knowing how to add and subtract – after all, the words “add” and “subtract” never appear.

To figure out how many apples Tom has, you need to call on a specific skill.

This skill, of course, is language. Continue reading “Is your child struggling with math?”