Books and Resources

Hello parents and educators of gifted students! We are always working hard to develop resources that will help develop essential academic, intellectual and critical thinking skills.  Our Critical Thinking Boot Camp for Kids workbooks and learning tools allow you to do just that, through a series of fun, effective and intriguing thinking questions. These tools are perfect for the time-strapped parent or educator who wish to engage their child in higher-order questions and critical thinking.  Used by educators of gifted and talented program nationwide, see our list of books below!

Critical Thinking with Lines, Shapes, Numbers and Squiggles Preschool – Kindergarten (age 3-6)

The Yellow Book-Lines, Shapes, Numbers and Squiggles Inspired by the works of visual teaching artist and Frobel methodologies these fun and engaging exercises support the building blocks for math, reading and critical thinking skills using an ask and answer format. Includes, a series of abstract academic exercises for students to develop spatial perceptual skills. Students learn the basics of critical thinking with, shapes, letters, and numeric symbols.  Preschool/Kinder students practice flexible thinking, spatial reasoning and improve number sense by practicing addition, subitizing, and geometric shape recognition. The workbook has over 200 practice questions, for young creatively gifted minds. 

Critical Thinking with Animals, Adjectives, and Analogies (ages 5-7) Kindergarten-First Grade

The Blue Book-Animals, Adjectives and Analogies  – A unique set of child-friendly exercises and questions that promote logical reasoning and critical thinking skills in the classroom or at home. Includes, a series of fun, engaging and intriguing animal theme based activities. Students practice spatial reasoning and pattern recognition along with identifying adjectives, animal prints and solving picture analogies.  Students can work with an adult or alone. The workbook has over 200 practice questions, for young creatively gifted minds kindergarten and first grade (ages 5-7).


Critical Thinking with Math Patterns, Codes and Problem – 1st and 2nd grades ( ages 6-8)

The Green Book-Math Patterns, Codes and Problem Solving Fun and engaging questions help students deepen their understanding of number sense by practicing addition, subtraction, subitizing, and geometric shapes. Mathematical patterns and codes stretch young minds to new levels to promote flexible thinking and build cognitive skills in the classroom or at home. The workbook has over 200 questions, for students of literary, active and analytical learning styles to enjoy. Ideal for students (ages 6-8 years) in first and second grades learning achievement based math, it also makes enrichment for the younger mathematically gifted.

Critical Thinking with Paper-Folding Puzzles (Gifted Elementary – Middle School) (ages 6-12)

The Red Book – Critical Thinking with Paper-Folding Puzzles: Parents and educators can use these child-friendly puzzles to promote cognitive thinking skills in the classroom or at home. The workbook has over 100 practice questions, for gifted or high-potential students that increase in complexity. Questions are presented in a non-verbal format where reliance on the knowledge of spoken English is unnecessary. Complex diagrams involve multiple folds and intricate sequences and patterns. The student is to think mathematically about how the pattern will appear visually when the paper is unfolded. Great enrichment practice for gifted academic center exams.  

Check back soon for new books and tools.