Critical Thinking Boot Camp For Kids

Give your kid a fighting chance to reach their academic potential

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Parents, are you ready to give your kiddos the tools they need to achieve academic success? When you enroll your child in our program you’re providing the academic enrichment they need to be successful, not just when taking high stakes gifted admissions exams for academically selective schools, but throughout their academic journey. You won’t find much rote memorization drills here; your child will learn through hands-on play, natural curiosity, spatial reasoning, problem-solving, abstract questioning and much more.

This program has a successful track record of teaching gifted learners starting at the preschool level.  Students receive a unique learning opportunity to progress at their natural rates of learning in an environment that appreciates multiple learning styles. The program includes 1 one – high-level content workbooks (used by gifted educators across the nation), pre/post diagnostic evaluations with summary reports, and 5 (five) small group academically accelerated instructional sessions.

“Our Think Prep is the Best Test Prep™”

The Critical Thinking Boot Camp for Kids

Summer 2017 Registration

Chicago – South Loop

Student’s Current Grade Age Start Date Day/Time Registration Link
Preschoolers 3-4 06/11/17 Sundays at 9:30am Sign up
Kindergarten 4-5 06/11/17 Sundays at 11:30am Sign up
First/Second  6-7 06/11/17 Sundays at 2pm Sign up
Third/Fourth 8-9 CLOSED CLOSED email for waitlist
Fifth/Sixth 9-12 06/11/17 Sundays at 10:00am Sign up 

Read more about the Critical Thinking Child Difference.  Developed by an award-winning educator and critical thinking specialist, we use a series of research-based brain development exercises, customized abstract spatial puzzles and fun activities to improve cognitive thinking, listening skills, confidence, and other abilities.