headshot_lemiolaerinkitolaLemi-Ola Erinkitola An author and award-winning educator, Erinkitola is deeply passionate about empowering parents and their children. Her tutoring and consulting practice, The Critical Thinking Child LLC, provides parent coaching and fosters students’ academic achievement through the advancement of cognitive brain development and critical thinking skills. Erinkitola is also the founder and Executive Director of the Children’s Reading Foundation of Greater Chicago. There, she collaborates with community partners to provide literacy support and free books while sharing a love of reading. Additionally, she currently serves as an Ambassador for By Kids For Kids (BKFK), helping to improve educational technology and promote innovation among today’s youth.  Erinkitola is an invited conference speaker at the local, national and international levels on early literacy, gifted education, and critical thinking. Holding a Master’s degree from Rush University in Chicago and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois, she is also the proud mother of three gifted children. In her spare time, she enjoys creating puzzles and traveling.

Book coaching or private tutoring: http://thecriticalthinkingchild.gettimely.com/

You can also meet Lemi-Ola at upcoming events:

2017 speaking events

December 4-5 2017 – Nashville, TN – NICE K-12 Cybersecurity Education Conference

Erinkitola will join other educators in addressing the challenges and opportunities of cyber security education in elementary and secondary schools.


September 22 -23 2017 – Indianapolis, IN – Parent/Teacher Workshops -Pike Township

August 20, 2017 – Chicago, IL – Parent Tips on Tutoring a Cyber-Hyper Kid?

June 11-August 6th – Chicago, IL – Critical Thinking Boot Camp for Kids – Chicago, IL

February 4th – Naperville, IL – IAGC Convention – Parent’s Day

2016 speaking events

Oct. 22nd – Dec 12 – Chicago, IL

Critical Thinking Boot Camp for Kids – Chicago, IL

Oct 21st  – Chicago, IL – What’s on the Test? Understanding CPS Gifted Testing & Admissions

Erinkitola will present alongside Grace Sawin – Chicago School GPS (www.chischoolgps.com

Preschool & Early Elementary Parents (PK-3rd) will gain answers to: Understanding of the CPS Gifted and Classical School Options, how to successfully navigate the admissions process and gifted enrichment tutoring strategies and resources. 

Oct. 14th -15th – Columbia, MO

Erinkitola will be presenting “Smart Play Teaching Techniques for Busy Parents and Educators” to educators and parents at the upcoming Gifted Association of Missouri conference. Click here to register

Erinkitola will join other educators in addressing the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity education in elementary and secondary schools. Click here to register.

July 29 -August 14th – Chicago, IL

Critical Thinking Boot Camp for Kids – Chicago, IL

July 21-July 22 – Pasco, WA

Erinkitola was honored and spoke at the Early Learning Conference in Pasco, WA as she shares the speaker’s platform with University of Chicago’s Dana Suskind, MD, founder and director of the Thirty Million Words Initiative.

July 25th-30th – Sonoma, CA

35th International Conference on Critical Thinking and Educational Reform

“Strategies to Help Parents Foster Critical Thinking Skills of at Home.”

June 12-July 14 – Chicago, IL

Critical Thinking Boot Camp for Kids – Chicago, IL

June 7-June 9 – Park City, UT

Utah Association for Gifted Conference. Click here for conference program and handouts

April 2nd -3rd Winnetka, IL

Erinkitola is the 2016 winner of the Chicago Google Apps for Education Summit Demo Slam

March 31st – Chicago, IL

Bell Elementary School – Regional Gifted Center

March 14th -15th – Athens, Georgia

Georgia Association for Gifted Conference.  Click here for conference handouts